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By: John Abhilash / January 7, 2024

Case Study: Transforming TradeLab’s Trading Application Infrastructure for Unprecedented Growth with BootLabs

Client Overview:


  • TradeLab, a distinguished provider of enterprise software solutions within the BFSI sector, engaged with BootLabs, a boutique tech consulting partner, to elevate their trading application capabilities. With a focus on operational efficiency, scalability, and compliance, TradeLab aimed to fortify its position in the dynamic financial services landscape.




  • TradeLab encountered significant challenges with their existing EC2-based infrastructure as their user base expanded. The limitations in scalability, availability, and cost-effectiveness prompted a quest for an innovative solution. Compliance concerns with financial industry regulations, notably PCI and SOC2, added complexity to the requirements.


Solution Overview:


  • BootLabs responded with a strategic implementation, constructing a robust landing zone on AWS tailored to support TradeLab’s trading application. Leveraging key AWS services, including Amazon VPC, AWS IAM, AWS Config, AWS EKS, and AWS CloudTrail, BootLabs meticulously architected a highly available, scalable, and secure infrastructure. AWS Auto Scaling dynamically adjusted EKS clusters, ensuring optimal performance during varying demand. AWS Application Load Balancing enhanced reliability by intelligently distributing traffic across EKS clusters. The use of Terraform for automation streamlined deployment, enabling efficient versioning, testing, and deployment changes.


Results Achieved:

  • The implementation of the AWS landing zone yielded transformative results for TradeLab:
  • Scalable Infrastructure: TradeLab achieved seamless scalability, effectively accommodating the burgeoning demand from an expanding user base.
  • Enhanced Performance: The trading application now operates with heightened availability and performance, meeting the dynamic requirements of the financial sector.
  • Cost-Effective Compliance: Utilizing AWS services such as Amazon VPC, AWS IAM, AWS Config, and AWS CloudTrail facilitated the creation of a secure and compliant infrastructure. This enabled TradeLab to adhere to industry regulations such as PCI and SOC2 in a cost-effective manner.
  • The collaboration between TradeLab and BootLabs exemplifies a strategic and successful initiative to modernize and fortify critical infrastructure. By harnessing the power of AWS and incorporating industry-leading practices, TradeLab has positioned itself to thrive in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. This case study stands as a testament to the efficacy of tailored cloud solutions in meeting the intricate demands of the BFSI sector.

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