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Modernize your Applications on Cloud

In the dynamic world of cloud-based application development, efficiency is the linchpin.

Bootlabs focuses on aligning these strategies to supercharge your cloud-based projects: 

Serverless Architecture: Embrace serverless computing to offload infrastructure management. This allows you to focus on code and functionality while the cloud provider handles scaling and maintenance.

Containerization: Leverage containerization platforms like Docker and Kubernetes. They facilitate consistent deployment and scaling, making it easier to manage complex cloud applications.

Microservices: Adopt a microservices architecture to break your application into smaller, manageable components. This promotes modularity and accelerates development, as each microservice can be developed and scaled independently.

DevOps and Automation: Implement DevOps practices and automation tools to streamline development, testing, and deployment. This results in faster and more reliable application releases.

PAAS: Utilize cloud providers’ managed services for common functionalities. For instance, you can leverage managed databases, authentication services, and AI/ML capabilities to save time and effort.

Modernization Approaches

Are you ready to propel your business into the digital future? Our App Modernization with Cloud Capabilities service is here to transform your legacy applications into modern, agile, and cloud-ready solutions.

We support you for:

Seamless Migration: We specialize in the seamless migration of your existing applications to cloud platforms, ensuring minimal disruptions and downtime.

Scalability: Harness the power of the cloud to scale your applications on-demand, supporting your business as it grows.

Cost-Efficiency: Optimize your IT costs with our cloud-based solutions, paying only for the resources you use.

Enhanced Performance: Experience improved application performance and reliability, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Accessibility: Access your applications from anywhere, anytime, with the flexibility and mobility offered by cloud technology.

Integration: Our experts ensure your applications are fully integrated with other cloud-based services, enhancing productivity and data sharing.

Application Assessment

we offer a comprehensive App Modernization assessment approach to ensure your journey to the cloud is seamless and successful. Our step-by-step process is designed to deliver tailored, agile, and cost-effective solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Discovery and Assessment: We begin by conducting a thorough evaluation of your existing applications, infrastructure, and business goals. Our experts identify opportunities for modernization, assess migration readiness, and determine the best cloud platforms for your specific requirements.

  Strategy Development: Based on the assessment, we formulate a tailored modernization strategy. This includes defining objectives, selecting cloud services, and creating a roadmap for your application’s transformation.

Cloud Migration Planning: Our team develops a meticulous migration plan, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations during the transition. We consider data migration, security measures, and downtime management in this stage.

Application Transformation: We modernize your applications by rearchitecting, refactoring, or re-platforming to fully leverage cloud capabilities. This enhances performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Integration and Optimization: We integrate your cloud-based applications with other services and systems, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Continuous optimization and monitoring are also crucial aspects of our approach.

  Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing and validation procedures ensure that your modernized applications are secure, reliable, and deliver a seamless user experience.

Deployment and Support: We assist in deploying the modernized applications and provide ongoing support to ensure they perform at their best and remain up-to-date. 

Key Pillars

Resilience and scalability

BgBlock We have built one of the most resilient platforms which were exposed to numerous requests and it handled all those requests with a huge success rate. The application was hosted on cloud and was available for the complete customer journey.


BgBlock With well architecture framework in place, we have built applications that have been designed to be available round the clock without incurring huge infra cost

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