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By: hellobltech / December 22, 2023

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Designation: DevOps Engineer

Job Description:


  • Expertise in any one hyper-scale (AWS/AZURE/GCP), including basic services like networking,
    data and workload management.
  • AWS
    Networking: VPC, VPC Peering, Transit Gateway, RouteTables, SecurityGroups, etc.
    Data: RDS, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch
    Workload: EC2, EKS, Lambda, etc.
  • Azure
    Networking: VNET, VNET Peering,
    Data: Azure MySQL, Azure MSSQL, etc.
    Workload: AKS, VirtualMachines, AzureFunctions
  • GCP
    Networking: VPC, VPC Peering, Firewall, Flowlogs, Routes, Static and External IP Addresses
    Data: Cloud Storage, DataFlow, Cloud SQL, Firestore, BigTable, BigQuery
    Workload: GKE, Instances, App Engine, Batch, etc.

  • Experience in any one of the CI/CD tools (Gitlab/Github/Jenkins) including runner setup,
    templating and configuration.
  • Kubernetes experience or Ansible Experience (EKS/AKS/GKE), basics like pod, deployment,
    networking, service mesh. Used any package manager like helm.
  • Scripting experience (Bash/python), automation in pipelines when required, system service.
  • Infrastructure automation (Terraform/pulumi/cloudformation), write modules, setup pipeline
    and version the code.
  • Experience in any programming language is not required but is appreciated.
  • Good experience in GIT, SVN or any other code management tool is required.
  • DevSecops tools like (Qualys/SonarQube/BlackDuck) for security scanning of artifacts,
    infrastructure and code.
  • Observability tools (Opensource: Prometheus, Elasticsearch, OpenTelemetry; Paid: Datadog,
    24/7, etc)

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