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Accelerate your Dev Journey with Custom Platforms

We build custom platforms and frameworks based on the business use cases and aligned to your needs of availability, resilience and budget.

We always share the toolset and monitoring mechanism best suited for your business and it can give you vision to monitor entire software development lifecycle from design to production.

Thrive In The Platform Economy

The platform economy is impacting every industry, disrupting traditional business models and reshaping the business value chain. The best way to secure your future is to reinvent your organization with a platform-centered business model.

Our platform engineering team helps you navigate this new landscape with modern technology and specialized skills and practices to accelerate your platform journey.

Ever Evolving Technology

The core of modern platforms that power continuous innovation and adaptability. Cloud is both the foundation and the enabler.

Platforms are built upon and activate opportunities across the Cloud Continuum, encompassing data, AI, and Edge. 

Our Thoughts :

Our proven approach to platform engineering helps you build scalable platforms that are optimized for both experience and performance.

Securely Orchestrated

A well architected source control system integrated to continuous integrations system with a pipeline build with security gates to help deploy artifacts with consistency.

Empowering Vertical Innovation

Since we know every application and set of users will have different needs thus we ensure the horizontal compliance and governance is always in place, while individual application, product or team can independently build on their vertical software stack.

Tailored Empowerment

These platforms are mostly self-service thus enabling both the organization and teams align it to best suite their needs and still give the granular visibility of architecture, cost and utility, they can custom build their own CI/CD, deployment flows, notifications and audit mechanism beyond the default availability.

Cultivating Safe Ecosystems

Through these platforms we build a standardization and learning curve for best practices and safe ecosystem for any infrastructure , aligned to the culture of the organization. While reducing the dependencies of checkpoints, building security as integral component of code.

With our Custom Platforms be ready on Cloud from Day0


Empower developers to build securely Application security framework accounts for the technology, processes, and people involved, giving teams the security expertise they need within the tools and workflows they use. Vulnerability-free code Accurate scanning and automatic fix PRs help devs find and fix vulnerabilities as they code. Enablement & education Turn developers into security experts with fix prioritization and actionable remediation advice from the tools they use. Visibility & intelligence Customizable policies let security teams create guardrails while maintaining visibility and security.


We help you achieve resilience, fault tolerance, and optimized SLOs with our Site Reliability Roadmaps and Automation Workflows. Our AI-Ops driven Recommendation Engine ensures scalable, available, and right-sized infrastructure. With active observability, we plan for failures in advance, allowing you to focus on your business and maintain seamless end-customer experiences while deploying new features.


Cloud Acceralotor

Be Fast in the distributed world running on Cloud with our Templates, Workflows, Frameworks and our Custom Products. The journey of Modernization, Migration, Digital Transformation or Future Readiness. We help you run the show fast with Day0, Day1 and Day2 readiness on any of your Public Cloud Subscription and when you want to interchange your workloads across them.



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