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Guardian integrates security practices into the DevOps process, ensuring continuous security throughout the development lifecycle

Assess Every Aspect of Your Applications

Securing web assets hinges on a thorough understanding of their existence. When organizations manage numerous web assets, they risk losing track of some, making them vulnerable to cyber threats.

Gain comprehensive visibility into all your applications, including those that may have been overlooked, forgotten, or intentionally hidden.

Conduct extensive scans across a wide range of web applications, web services, and web APIs, covering both first-party and third-party (open source) code. This process is independent of the technology, framework, or programming language used in their development.

How Guardian Helps ?


Onboard Application

Onboard applications securely and efficiently with automated security checks, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks early.


Deduplicate & Prioritize

Deduplicate and prioritize security alerts by consolidating similar issues and ranking them based on severity. 


Track & Score

Track and score security vulnerabilities to prioritize and efficiently address them, ensuring a more secure application.


Integrate Scanners

Integrate automated security scanners into your DevSecOps pipeline for continuous monitoring and early vulnerability detection.


Assist To Mitigate

Assist in mitigating security risks by providing automated vulnerability assessments and real-time remediation guidance.


Record & Report

Record and report security incidents to maintain a clear record and ensure accountability for remediation actions

Enhanced Coverage, Reduced Risk

Conventional application security testing solutions often rely solely on a single scanning type. Whereas need is the consolidated report of SAST + SCA + DAST & Container Scan.



Static Application Security Testing (SAST) report provides a comprehensive analysis of code vulnerabilities. It identifies and evaluates potential security issues in source code, enabling proactive mitigation strategies for development teams.



Software Composition Analysis (SCA) report offers insights into open-source components within a codebase. It identifies vulnerabilities, licenses, and dependencies, ensuring proactive management of third-party software risks in development projects.



Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) report examines web applications in real-time. It identifies vulnerabilities by simulating attacks, providing actionable insights to secure the applications and protect against possible potential security threats.

Container Scan

Container Scan report analyzes containerized environments for security vulnerabilities. It identifies risks within container images, dependencies, and configurations, enabling proactive measures to enhance the security posture of containerized applications.

Integrate Security Seamlessly into Development Workflow

Addressing vulnerabilities after deployment can lead to numerous issues: release delays, complex debugging, and strained relationships between security and development teams.

Our solution integrates security seamlessly into developers’ tools and daily workflows.

Developers receive immediate, automated feedback, fostering a culture of writing secure code and reducing vulnerabilities over time.

Identify vulnerabilities early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), preventing the time, costs, and complexities of post-release security challenges.

Streamline processes and reduce friction between development and security teams by empowering developers to manage security tasks independently.

Continuous Security: A Year-Round Shield

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