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Cloud Platform

BootLabs can amplify your team's productivity with efficient, highly resilient, auto-scalable cloud solutions, using cutting-edge cloud platforms. We have deep expertise in modernising the core, which then transforms your business, reduces cost overhead and improves operational agility.

Cloud Security

How to be secure while moving workloads to cloud? Modernising infrastructure, data and applications does not mean less secure. Implementing security policies, vulnerability checks and securing cloud infrastructure are implicit. Continuous security monitoring, fixing leaks, adhering to compliance and governance are our DNA.

Cloud Operate

Modern organisations look for agility, speed and nimbleness as they embrace open source technology. We don't always want to know the underlying complexities. The abstraction can be achieved using automated infrastructure provisioning via IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) and CaaS (Container as a Service). This reduces manual errors & improves speed to market.

Building DevOps Capability?

Automated Pipeline (CI / CD)

Cover different tech stack needs with efficient management of automated deployments for each type of release. Ensure build, deploy and operate are seamless. Unit / Integration / Security / Performance testing. Infrastructure as a Code and Release Orchestration.

Kubernetes Enablement

Deliver best-in-class cloud-agnostic container orchestration for your workloads. Migrate your workloads from VM's to containers. Automate cluster deployment strategies. Service-mesh enablement for microservices. Scalability based on custom metrics

Observability and Monitoring

Behavioural insight definitions for performance, compliance and security on your services and applications. Automate monitoring, tracing and logging. Connected view of all performance metrics at one place. Pinpoint issues faster and understand why


Securing application and infrastructure using compliance checkpoints. Provide central SIEM (Security, Information and Event Management). Cloud compliance and governance. Granular, policy based IAM and authentication controls

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